Hello Dr. Love -I have been seeing my girlfriend for about about 19 months. We are both 31 years of age, but she is a single mother ( One is 13 with no father and the other is 9 who spends weekends with the father). I honestly have to say that I thought about her and her children from the very beginning, but as the relationship progressed I realized how much I care about her and was willing to accept her children in the relationship.The relationship has been going well for the 19 month duration. I am not saying that we have not gotten into any arguments, but we always seem to work things out and get on with our relationship. I call her everyday to see how she is doing and probably see her at least 4 times a week to have dinner and just spend time together.The problem is that it seemed that everything was going fine we had spent a Saturday afternoon together in San Francisco and then had dinner that night and just enjoyed being together. I had then been busy with work and not given her a call for a couple of days, so she called me on Tuesday to see if there was anything wrong and I said that there was not, that I had just been busy at work.She then asked me over and she cooked dinner and I had helped her son with his homework. I then went over the next day and picked her and her nine year old up to go to the movies and had a great time with them. I can see how much she loves her children and how happy she is with them.Then I called her up on Saturday to see if she had time to spend together and she never returned my call. I tried calling her the whole next week and nothing. I finally talked to her about a week later and she said that she still loves me, but that she is not happy because her 13 year old is not happy. Which I think is because he is feeling lonely and upset because he has no father and that someone else ( Me ) has his mothers attention. Compounded by the fact that he is probably a little jealous of the other sons being completely supported by the father with school, toys, and going to sporting events.I tried to talk to her about it and let her know that I want to be part of his life also, but she is reluctant to let me into that part of her life. I love her very much and want to spend the rest of my life with her, but she is not willing to let me be a part of her child’s life.It is very hard for me to let her go in that she says that she still loves me, but wants to be alone and spend time with her 13 year old. I have told her that I understand that her son is her priority over me and I respect that, as that is the way it should be, but how can I get her to understand that I want to be part of her life and her son’s?