Dr. Love-13. 5 years ago I fell in love with a girl. After 6 months, she ended the relationship abruptly. I spent a month begging and pleading to try and get her back. I spent the next 3 months in the worst state of depression I’ve ever felt.Since that break-up 13 years ago, there have been a couple times where she has come back to my mind and in both cases the result was a depression that lasted a couple days to a week.Recently, the 3rd such instance has occurred and has left me in a state of depression for over a week much more intense than the past 2 and similar to the 3-month depression that followed the break- up.I have turned away from my friends, lost weight, started drinking, become self-destructive, and (while not ‘suicidal’) have often wished that God would just ‘end this’. The pain is exceeding my ability to cope. . . and the problem is increased as I feel guilty that I still think of her or that the life God has given me is somehow not enough to satisfy me.I am agitated, irritable, and distracted. My faith has given way to anger as I am unable to understand why God is punishing me. I find my self taunting Him to end this. . . to do what I can’t. All of this over a girl from 13 years ago. . . who I knew for all of 6 months, only 1-2 of which we were together.I feel pathetic even asking the question.