Dear Dr. Love, I have recently visited your site and found the information very helpful. I am currently going through a break-up that seems to be taking it’s time and a severe toll on me. My boyfriend and I met almost a year ago and although it was not love at first sight it was the most compatible relationship I have ever been in. After 3 months of dating he received a job offer in a town 5 hours away. We continued to do the long distance dating for another 4 months after his move. Approximately 3 months ago, I forced the idea of moving in together, and so we did. It has been good and bad ever since. I know that the added stress of new locations and jobs and friends has been an undue stress on our relationship, but I can not decipher whether or not that is the reason he wishes to end it. My boyfriend and I have fought once a month for the last three, over what seems to be trival things. I believed that he was using these trival things to end the relationship, rather than find solutions to fix them. After our last talk, I believe my earlier thought to be completely true. I agreed to move out and move on and in the back of my mind I thought if I gave him some space he would come back to me. It has been 4 days since I have tried to locate a place and move out, in this time he has been affectionate, attentive, and genuinely concerned. He also not waivered on his belief that I am too negative for him and that he can never see us together in the future. I am getting mixed messages everyday and although I am trying to just move on with my life, I am lost as to how to deal with these messages. I know that in time all things will be clear, but in the meantime do I continue to try to push him away and complete my mourning over the love loss. Or do I admit that I still love him and allow us to see each other, but not live together. Confused