Dear Dr. Love,I have been married to my husband for the last 9 years and we have 2 kids. My marriage almost broke down 3 years ago due to some personal problems my hubby and I had encountered.Due to the marriage breakdown, I fell for another man deeply who I met made love and shared a very intense passion, something that I couldn’t forget until this time. I am still with my hubby but I do not desire him anymore.When he wants to have sex with me, I feel so dirty and I feel like I’m committing a crime. I don’t want to touch his crotch like I used to do and I do not even want him to touch me. I am not satisfied with the way he makes love to me, its always short – I wanted a wild love which I have been telling him to do to me, but he can never satisfy me.What’s the problem? Is it me or he?