I have been married for thirty years. I have always supported my husband to do whatever he wanted to do in the way of living, career or education. I love him very much.Five years ago, I had the opportunity to go to China to teach and did. I fell in love with my students and the country. My husband also went the first time and he liked it very much. I have gone back without him for the last four years because he has financial obligations and family obligations here.We have talked about how important this is in my life and he agrees that it is fine to go. Yet when I am there he becomes silent. This year I had to come back because he threatened me with a divorce because he says he is too lonely.I do not understand this two facedness. I believe in what I am doing and accomplishing there. I am just asking him to understand what I need to do for awhile but he sees only that his comfort zone is being compromised.Can you advise me in anyway? I am beginning to feel as if, if I want to keep this relationship then I must give in to his demand to remain at home. I feel that I am not expressing myself well here because there is so much more.Sorry to take up your time.Thank you.