Dear Dr. Love,I have just recently broken up with my partner of 2 years. About a month ago we had decided to take a break to settle everything in our lives outside of our relationship, such as school and work. The stress level was unbelievable and we were not getting along. Although during the break we still had constant communication.Anyway one night I had left work early and went to see her at her job, and she was talking to another man. I sat in my car and watched for a few minutes, as he stood up and started to leave she kissed him goodbye. She then noticed me and started screaming and apologizing to me asking me not to go. Well a few days later I recieved a call from her saying how she loved me and wanted things to work, that she was with him out of a need for comfort in our rough times. I could have easily walked away, but I do Love her so I decided to try and work things out.After a day or two she said she was confused and needed space to figure out if I was what she wanted. So we did. She then called me the following Monday and asked me to see her at work. I again finished up early and went to see her, and the same guy was sitting down talking to her and it didn’t phase her that I walked in. It phased her when I gave her our apartment key and said goodbye. She then again got in touch with me and said she missed me and wanted me back, like a fool I didnt want to walk away, so I talked to her and told her that ‘as of know I cant trust her, but maybe we can work this out’ She agreed. Well 2 days later she says she loves me, but she can’t be with me. She continually calls to remind me that she loves me. I am so confused, I love her, but I don’t know what to do.