hello, this is my first time visiting your web site. I’m glad that there are sites like yours to help women in need. my question is this: Should i be concerned with my husband’s mental stability??he made up this big, humongous lie about him having a 1 1/2 year old daughter by another woman before my time. We were just dating when he told me this girl was pregnant……we went shopping about 3 weeks later and purchased newborn clothes, etc…so he could give it to his “daughter”….he choose to still stay in a relationship w/me…that what they had was over, etc..cause she had cheated on him too many times….We eventually got married supposedly his daughter would’ve been about 8 months old at the time…..then the BIG BANG…11 months later we separated because of physical and emotional abuse during this time I found out that his ex-girlfriend didn’t have his child, and a matter of fact she didn’t have ANY children at all..and had recently gotten married herself(the girl’s mother told me) I couldn’t believe this. My husband had been so cunning and convincing that he had his whole family believing he had a child. S—@#$ he even convinced ME, his wife.I mean Dr. love he brought clothes and toys for this “baby”. He even went as far as to show me a picture of this baby to ‘prove” he had a daughter. ..Even now that the truth is out he still is too embarrased to tell me who the picture he carried around in his wallot for almost 2 years is really of. I mean gosh the baby even looked like him. So I was thinking she had to be at least ‘family’ if not his, or something..????Can you help me? What would make a person do or make-up such a thing? I have a daughter outside of our relationship too and he loves her like his own. And i’ve never made him feel like she was ‘outside’ of us. So why would he have to put up a front about this??Thanks in advance for your advice