Dear Dr. Love, I’m a 20-year old girl, who has been dating for almost a year now. My boyfriend is incredibly sweet and nice, he always listens to me, and tries to understand my problems. He’s quite an attractive guy, and a very intelligent person too. He’s actually a 100%-okay guy.Still, there is something about the relationship that bugs me, and I just can’t figure out what it is. It just feels like I don’t like him, as if I’m not in love with him. Which I don’t understand, I mean he’s always there for me, he loves me dearly, and he would never hurt me.I’m trying to blame myself, for I have been depressed for more than over half a year. Maybe I just don’t feel like having a relationship, because at the moment I feel like I have too much on my mind. Or maybe I should just accept that he’s not the one for me, that I’m just not in love with him.I just don’t understand, I hate myself for it, am I just a spoiled brat? Is this relationship not enough, do I want more, what’s the problem with me? Can a depression cause a person not to like his or her girl/boyfriend anymore?Sometimes I just think that the relationship with my boyfriend has caused me to feel depressed, because I just can’t stop worrying.Could you please give me some advice, because it’s really killing me, it’s really getting me mentally exhausted. Thanks, Maria