Dear Dr. Love, For nearly two years I was involved with a woman who was separated and going through an unwanted divorce. We were intimately involved, very close and spent every weekend together. The divorce process took two years.As it neared completion, she began pulling away from me and ‘getting on with her life’as she put it. Soon after it was final, she ended our relationship completely to be ‘free and single’. She said she could not be involved in a ‘serious, committed relationship’with one person, and just wanted to have fun and date many men.But, she had decided that was not a good situation for me and that we should not continue to see each other. I had alwaysAlthough I was very much in love with her, disappointed and very sad, I accepted her decision.However, she told mutual friends that I had ended the relationship because I could not tolerate her ‘casual and platonic’dating, and because she would not commit exclusively to me, and continue to be intimate with me. She also said some negative thiI was hurt very much by this, but I never discussed it, or even let her know what I had heard. However, soon the truth came out. She had been involved with someone else for quite some time, and had ended our relationship to be with him.As much as I understood my role as a ‘rebound’, and the tenuous and temporary nature of such a relationship, I became angry by the way she ended things between us. I felt used, betrayed and deceived.e did not communicate, and did not see each other for six months. However, lately she has initiated some contact and told others she wishes we could be ‘just friends’. The contacts are very sporadic and platonic, if not indifferent on her part.know she is dating, but I do not know her level of involvement with anyone else. I have tried to be with her under these new circumstances, but it is very difficult.On the one hand I still love her and want her very much. It hurts to be with her as ‘just friends’with no emotion or affection.At the same time, I feel a certain amount of residual anger from her previous behavior. Should I continue to try to see her under these terms, as platonic friends? If yes, how do I handle these emotions and feelings? If not, how do I say ‘no’in a mature and honest way, so that she will understand?Thanks for your advice.