Dr. Love,is there such a thing as a ‘ normal’ sex drive? My boyfriend can’t go more than a couple of days without getting really bothered if we don’t have sex, but I don’t really want it that often – particularly if I’m very busy and have a lot going on.I still want to cuddle and spend time with him, but if we go several days, or even a week or two when I’m really tired or busy, it doesn’t bother me.He had a bad childhood and seems to have a real need for the physical connection. I, on the other hand, have a real need to know that sex is not the most important thing between us. I also have certain doubts about our relationship b/c he is not nearly as educated as I am (which sometimes leaves me feeling unfulfilled intellectually), and he’s highly emotional – which sometimes makes me feel like I’m cold or unwomanly in comparison. I love so many things about him, but I wish he were a little stronger emotionally and not so needy.In any case, we broke up yesterday because we just couldn’t make the physical side work for both of us. But my question is, do I have some kind of abnormally low sex drive, or is it simply that we were incompatible on that level and I shouldn’t be worried? My best friend said she and her fiance also sometimes go a week or two without sex when they have a lot going on and it’s no big deal. For me and my ex, going more than a few days lead to big problems.What’s a’normal’ level of sexual desire?Signed: Wondering what’s normal