I am in a new relationship–at least I think I am. I know that men don’t like to be asked whether or not the relationship is in fact a relationship so I’ve avoided the ‘Are we boyfriend/girlfriend?’ and the ‘What are we?’questions.I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about a guy before and even though he lives an hour and a half away I am willing to make it work, as is he. He’s smart and handsome and everything I’ve looked for, he calls often and has said he’s not a talker but never seems to have trouble holding a conversation with me, I have loved –LOVED every moment we’ve spent together and I want it to continue but I don’t want to push/rush things.I want things between us to flow naturally but it’s been a few weeks and I wonder if it’s going that way or not. I wonder what he tells his friends where he lives that I’m his girlfriend. I’m not sure what to tell my friends so I usually say we’re seeing each other. Is that okay to do, or should I demand we define ourselves? We hold hands in public and everything, I just wonder if it’s okay to ask what we’re about.Thanks for your help.