I am an adult woman who met a man 1 1/2 years ago through an online matchmakeing service. He lives about 1000 miles from me but comes into town often since he is an airline pilot based here in my city.After a couple of months of dating he stopped asking me out but would call me a couple of times a week for a long chat. I know he is not married, he has been divorced for several years, and he has spoken of a failed relationship that ended 3 years ago. It was a tempestuous relationship from what he has told me. He tells me he is a failure in the relationship department.We have wonderful phone conversations and enjoy each other. But it bothered me that he stopped asking me out and when I asked him to join me in doing things when he came in town, he would often decline my invitationSo, I asked him a year ago if he was interested in anything more with me other than friendship and he said he just wanted to remain friends and did not want anything more. Ouch. . . it hurt.But I did like our friendship so I started dating again and continued talking to him on the phone all of this time. We laugh a lot and have the greatest conversations.He through me for a loop about a month ago when he said, ‘You know we can admit it. We like each other–I like you and you like me. ‘It caught me off guard and I regret that I didn’t ask him to clarify what he meant by his comment. Instead I said, ‘Yes, I like you. I wouldn’t have been talking to you all this time if I didn’t.’But he hasn’t asked me out for a date. He just keeps calling. Any ideas what I should say? I do like him and would like to get to know him better but I don’t know how to approach this situation–especially since he rejected anything other than friendship a year ago.