My husband and I have been married for 17 years. We have been close friends with another couple for 13 years. Over the past two years my husband ‘s hobbies and mine have caused us to drift apart. We used to be comfortable with each other going our own way on a regular basis. But, now it seems we never spend time together. Due to my time spent away from my husband, he and the wife of our long-time friends, spent a great deal of time together, causing harm to our marriage.After counseling, my husband and I advised the other couple, our friendship should end. As they are part of a large social network we socialize with, we informed them we did not want to cause them undue discomfort in our circle of friends, and would not discuss our dissolved friendship.However, since the other wife was not willing to accept any responsibility for her inappropriate actions, she and her husband have resorted to vicious e-mails, phone calls, and disturbing comments to our family and friends.With the help of our counselor my husband and I agreed, we would delete e-mails without reading them, and not socialize with this other couple. However, now my husband feels he should at least carry on small chit-chat with this couple, when in a social setting where his family and our common friends are.I feel that he is not supporting me, when he chooses to socialize with people who have said mean and spiteful things about us, just to inflict pain.My opinion is if we do not converse with them written or verbally, we will in no way fuel the fire. And, eventually they will stop their harrassment.l to make his family and friends comfortable when we are all together. I find this somewhat hypcritical of my husband, and very painful for myself. What should I do?