Dear Dr. Love,I have am involved in a wonderful relationship with a great man. He is a widower, his wife died 3. 5 years ago (a sudden, unexcepted death). We have been dating for approximately 2. 5 yrs. and really have a good relationship. We are even talking about marriage within the next year.The problem. . . there are still lots of pictures of and personal belongings of his first wife in the home. I know in the beginning he left the house unchanged because of the children (2 girls. . . 22 &19), but after three years and with a NEW woman in his life I think it is time to ‘throw out the old and make way for the new’.I sometimes feel very uncomfortable in his home because there is still so much of her there. We have discussed this and I think he is trying to understand, but doesn’t really get it. He has made some changes, but they have been small, slow coming and not the ‘clean sweep’ that I would like.I appreciate the memories and do not expect him to ‘forget’ her or their life together. . but I feel there is a better place for her things than ‘in my face’, especially since he knows it makes me uncomfortable.My question to you is this: Am I being unreasonable or expecting too much?Is his reluctance to change things a sign that he is not ready to move on? As mentioned, we have discussed this and agreed that we need an objective opinion. . me because I’m having difficulty dealing with remnants of his past relationship, and him because he doesn’t mean to make me uncomfortable, but doesn’t deal with the problem. I look forward to your response.