Dr. Love please help! The man I have been seeing for the past 5 years, has recently told me he is not as sexually attracted to me as he once was due to all the arguments and name calling that has been a part of our relationship for the past several months.We have not had sex in several months and when I try to arouse him, he does not even get an erection. He tells me he loves me but this is serious.He has had ‘situations’ in the past where he was not able to get or obtain an erection, but always blamed it on being tired or not in the mood. He has recently told me he is also depressed, which I suspect has lead to some of the arguments we have had and his attitude of late.He is a 36 year old man. Is this normal? Can we turn it around to have the spark we once had, and I still have? I truly do not think he is seeing someone else, but who knows! Can you help? Thanks