You seem to blame parents for a lot of things. I have wonderful parents who did not verbally, sexually or phsyically abuse me. My husband of ten years, however, had a bad childhood and his parents are a wreck. He often calls my family the Brady Bunch.I am 43 and my husband is 33. He wants sex more often than I do. When we have sex, it is great. I usually have multiple orgasms, but I just don’t desire it as often as he does. Now he is threatening to leave me because he wants sex more often.I really love him and hope that he will stay. I told him I will do anything to save our marriage – even if it means having sex when I really don’t want to. (The thing is when we start, I usually change my mind because it gets better right away).He (like so many guys) looks at porno on the internet and that makes me feel inadequate. That is a serious turn off for me. I don’t feel like I can live up to what he sees in the pictures. I’m not unattractive and he tells me I turn him on a lot.