Well, I guess this is my first step to getting help. I feel extremely moody, almost depressed. My mind plays tricks on me and makes me think that everyone is out to get me and mainly hurt me. I am so extremely afraid of getting hurt by anyone, that I fight. Basically, it’s like ‘let me hurt you before you hurt me’.The main problem is with my b/f. We have been together for 6 months, I care for him more than anything I can imagine. He and I are great together except when my insecurities come through and I get jealous of nothing (things my mind is telling me. . . that darkenss)Now, he has been very patient with me and now he feels smothered and needs a little space. It is as though he just wants space away from one another (physically). I take it as we will talk on the phone but we will keep our distance physically and slow downMy only problem, once again my mind playing tricks on me, I am so afraid that he will get a little distant from me and keep getting distanced more and more. I know I do need to step back but I also need to not feel this pain.What should I tell myself to make myself feel better? What do I do to make myself feel better? I hurt so bad and can’t seem to contain this pain, I do not want to turn hard on him or anyone else, either.Er. . . do you need to know more to tell me anything? Thanks