Dr. Love,I am desperate. I will try to make this brief. I am living with and in love with a man who has no sex drive. . . for me. He has literally hundreds of movies, magazines, pictures of other women and I know he watches and reads them often because I pay attention to where they are and how they are placed. . . they get moved daily!He isn’t intimate with me much at all. . . maybe once a month if that much. I tried initiating sex for awhile and it worked okay until I found out during a blow-up that he feels I force him to have sex! He wants to know why we have to have sex so much, why I am not happy with just cuddling, and holding hands.I am so depressed. . . I am an intelligent woman, a college graduate with a high-paying job and I have analyzed this issue to death! I tell him that I am in love with him and sex is a natural way to express those feelings, but he just doesn’t get it!I feel like he prefers the women in the magazines instead of me. . but he tells me that is ridiculous. . yet I know he has a sex drive because he spends so much time and energy on these materials, but none of this sexual energy gets around to me!He is very loving, affectionate, but I can’t handle an asexual relationship. My self-esteem is Null and Void. I am extremely and dangerously depressed.Please Please Please help me. . . I have searched your archives, done my homework, and can’t find anything similar to my problem.