Dear Dr. Love,I have been married for 8 years. Our marriage started out to be a very happy one. Then we had children, girls, the wrong gender for my husband. For the last six years my husband has gradually abandoned me emotionaly. I have been doing my best to stay with him for the sake of my children. But, I am not sure how much I can endure. I am rarely spoken too, never touched. I sleep seperately from him, he locks the door. He is highly suspesious of my activities, although I have been loyal and given him no cause.He started seeing a therapist over a year ago. He is on meds for depression. They help with the violent out burst, yelling and such. But, have not helped our relationship. We also tried counsiling, twice, , but he was so resistant to everything said, (and to be fair, the therapist seemed very partial to me), that we stopped going. He is diagnosed as Uni-polar, but I am not clear on what that is.Will these meds ever cure it? Will the man who loved me ever come back? I am beginning to have trouble with depression myself. I forget to eat often, and do not sleep well. While I am staying for the sake of my children, I also worry that it is harmful for them to see me so unhappy. And, will they be able to have normal relationships after growing up this way? I am thinking about leaving, but would appreciate some insight, especialy on my husbands illness. Thank you