Dear Dr. Love, I am 33, married, and have a beautiful son age 1. My very best friend is a gay man. We have the greatest friendship anyone could ever imagine. We go on trips together (the 3 of us, no husband). We go out to dinner several times a week, we act like a married couple.My husband is a very sucessful attorney and is not home much. He does not care for my friend David. He allows me to do what I want with David because he is a family friend and GAY. My relationship with David has always been open and honest. David is a hands on touchly feely kind of person. My husband is not. Up until now my friendship with him has been just that, a friendship.Things are changing I can just sense it. David now wants to marry me and take me back east where his business is. My question for you is this, how often do gay men go straight? Does David love me or does he think he can save me(and me save him all at the same time)? If you have any advise for me please help.