I have recently gotten engaged to get married. I am pregnant by this guy as well. I wanted to ask your opinion on something.He got devorced over a year ago and had 2 kids with his ex-wife. He calls the kids every night to tell them good night. (She has custody of them.) But when he calls the kids he will only talk to the kids a few minutes; they are very young. And then he will talk to his ex-wife for about 20 minutes almost everynight.He says that is the only way he can keep in touch with his kids. Do you think that is right, or do you think he might still have feelings for her. I feel like he does, why else would he have a desire to talk to her and tell her details about his life. It’s none of her buisness. They are Divorced.Do you think it would be wrong of me to complain about that. I think I should let him know how I feel. I also have an ex that I had a child with and I don’t sit there and talk to my son’s father everynight. Thank you for your time.