Dr. Love, I am engaged to a man who is so unbelievably wonderful. there is just one thing that bothers me, though.He has 2 sisters (Ages 23 and 28. He is 32). I find it strange that they are totally comfortable changing clothes in front of him. At times, they seem to go out of their way to at least partially undress in front of him.It also seems strange that he doesn’t look away or walk off when they do that. One time, as a joke, we all went to a drag show at a gay bar. My fiance pinched his sister’s butt. I think it was to scare her, and make her think it was a lesbian or something, but it has always disturbed me.I would rather have my butt pinched by a lesbian than my own brother! Am I overreacting? Do you think it is ok for grown siblings to change clothes in front of each other? Their mother is a seamstress, so they have grown up being fitted and measured. maybe they just got used to it, and it’s no big deal. It does make me extremely uncomfortable.Please help!