Dear Dr. Love, I’ve been dating a man with whom I believed would spend the rest of my life with. Over the last course of the year, I truly believe that we both put our best foot forward, but I’ve turned my head once too many times and now, I’m caught because I need to make a decision.He’s extremely selfish at times and very spoiled (no thanks to my help) but had no problem with it because I loved (or love) him. When things go wrong or not his way, he doesn’t step up. In fact, he’d rather go to the bottle and then tries to turn the facts around and blame me or rather, tries to make me think I’m ‘nuts.’He’s a wonderful man and I love him so much, but am scared that if I accept his ring things will never change (as people usually don’t) and am scared that he’ll never see my side.How can I make him see that in order to be in a relationship, there are two sides to take into consideration as opposed to just his own? Looking forward to hearing from you.