I have 2 children, I was married for 19 years and I have been separated for 2 years. My oldest child (19yrs old) lives with me and my youngest (14yrs old) lives with his dad (by his choice).I have been seeing this man for 9 months. We have been very serious and what I thought very much in love.He is going through a messy divorce. He also sees a therapist for some personal problems.He says he wishes I could love him like I do my son. I do love him and have put everything into our relationship.My children have always come first in my life. I was in a bad marriage and I focused a lot of my time to my boys, which I loved. I don’t think I take anytime away from either my boyfriend or my boys.I don’t get to see my boys much. They are involved in sports, hunting and such.Some of my girlfriends gathered at my home recently and my oldest son came home late that night and mingled with us and my boyfriend said he felt left out and that he couldn’t compete.Am I missing something here. It sounds like he is jealous of my son. Please give me some advise.