I am engaged to be married in 5 months to my boyfriend of 5 years. We’ve had a very rocky relationship, with many fights and a lot of wasted time blaming each other. We seem to be opposites in lots of ways and don’t have a lot of the same interests.I love him very much, but the problem is that every time we hang out with my boyfriend’s best friend, I get confused. Let’s call him Bob. Bob and I are exactly the same. We have similar interests and almost identical personalities. We always find ourselves thinking exactly the same thing and can finish each other’s thoughts.I am physically attracted to my finace and not really attracted to Bob, but I’m always left with the feeling that I would have less fights and be happier with someone like Bob. I don’t know what to do about these thoughts because there’s not really anyone I can talk to about them. And I’m worried that I might be making a mistake marrying my fiance, who is really a great guy.Currently, my fiance and I are in couples’ therapy, but we still have problems communicating