Hi Dr. Turndorf!A month ago I was raped by my sister’s boyfriend. My boyfriend of 3 years seemed to be handling it ok, and I was coping.However, we have begun having many problems since then: he wants me to open up and talk to him, but when I do, he gets angry. And then he interperets my silence as being angry at him. He doesn’t understand my feelings of guilt and told me that I must really like being the victim because I refuse to move on with my life. He tries to listen, but he can’t handle my messed up emotions.I have become a hermit in my house, only going out when absolutely necessary, since the rape occured. Do people realize how murderous rape is on a relationship? I can’t find any info on the web about coping when the one you’re with is NOT the one who raped you. Do you have any advice for my boyfriend? Or for me? And am I being too hard on him, and expecting too much from him?Thank you for taking the time to read this.Sincerely, Charity