Dear Dr. Love,Why do men who are in happy, healthy relationships go to strip bars? My boyfriend (of 4 years) and I are both 30 something professionals. He does not go to strip bars, out of respect for my wishes. But he says he would go occasionally if I weren’t so strongly opposed to it. I feel comfortable that he loves me and finds me attractive. Our sex life is mutually satisfying in both quality and quantity. (If traditional stats are to be believed, we tend toward the high end of the curve. )But I don’t understand this stripper thing. I’ve been to see male strippers as part of the bachelorette ritual, but not in the last 10 years or so. I have absolutely no desire to go now and I don’t understand why he would want to go if he were happy with our relationship. At the same time, I believe him when he says he is happy. Men obviously think differently about strippers. Or the whole thing means something different to them.Any thoughts?