Oh Dr. Love, If you could solve my problem, I’d sprout wings!It’s like this: There is this man (he is 27; I am 20) whom I have known for a few years now. As time went on, we became closer, coming to quite an intimate place. However, throughout the time we were physically involved, he was seeing a small number of other females.I knew about it all along (he was open with me about it), and said I didn’t mind. I suppose it must truly matter to me; but I felt a love so strong that I thought I could put up with anything just to be with him. I still feel this way, even though we haven’t been together in over 8 months.Throughout our ‘relationship’ (and all his other ‘relationships’), there was always this one woman (she is 29; older than he) whom he would continually go back to. He has told me that she is the one who he could be with and be happy with just her.However, they always fight (he said it’s about 50/50 with the fighting and the getting along). They are now living together. I see him a couple and it’s not that I don ‘t have other ‘love options’. I have tried dating many men since our ‘separation’, but it always end up that it’s him in my dreams.What can be done? Please advise, Dr. Love.