I met this guy 2 months ago and after many hours of talking on the phone and going out a few times, I have started to fall in love with him. He says he likes me a lot but we have decided to be friends because neither of us is ready for a relationship.I told him once that I did not want to like anybody because I was afraid of getting hurt again because of previous experiences. Some time after that he asks me whether I ever considered that he may be Mr Right, but not right now. He also says that he’s knocking, won’t I let him in’.He also once asked whether I thought we would ever be married and when I asked why he was asking, he said he was just playing around. Is he dropping hints and if so, can you tell how much he really likes me? Will this end up being something to look forward to?Please help me. I have been hurt numerous times and I would like to know if I should pursue this one.