Hi Dr.Love.I am 23 years old and I have been going out with this guy (my age)for 3 years. We got engaged discretly 1 year into the relationship but we just recently had our official engagement party since our wedding date is set for next summer.Some aspects of his behavior are making me wonder if I am on the road to happiness or not. This is well characterized by the way he conducted himself at the engagement party: he spent most of the evening in the bar downstairs watching baseball with is friends while I was upstairs entertaining the 50 guests and wondering where he was. When he would make a brief appearance I would ask him to help me take care of our guests he would say’sure honey’ but he would only talk to his buddies and his own parents to soon disappear.I know I have what it takes to be a good wife, I mean I am not perfect but I care for others and I constantly auto-analyse myself to make sure I am doing good towards myself and others. I do love him, but I feel like I will always have to give in wi th this guy. He does not seem to understand that we are a team, working together. I have tried to tell him how I feel (let down) sometimes, but he has this way to turn everyconversation to his advantage and to put me in a box where there is nothing more I can say. I have asked him why he wanted so much to marry me (he shows he is very determined to make me his wife), he says he loves me… I am not much of a fighter, I don’t like arguments and I would like to find my inner peace again but I am unsure of what to do next…The result is that I am constantly tormented by all this. Please help me!!!