Dear Dr. Love,I am college junior who was dumped by my ex-boyfriend four weeks ago. He had dumped me the following day after I came back from my Chritmas break. He told me that he is engaged to his baby’s mother and he is doing it only for his son. After that I tried to get him back by making him aware of what he was doing. He kept to his decision but meanwhile I was trying to convince him, I was also sleeping with him.Now it’s valentines day and his fiance’ has come to visit him with his son. The ironic thing is that I’m pregnant and I think he suspects. The other day he called me and my roommate told him that I was sick. He hasn’t called me since that day. So that shows he doesn’t care. I don’t know what to do. Should I tell him or not? Even though, I don’t think telling him would make a difference. I’m hurt but more so angry because I was used and deceived. He made it seem like he cared about me and that he was faithful but all of that time he was making plans to be with another woman. I’m really angry and confused fo r allowing myself to be used and to become pregnant.