Dear Dr. Love, My husband and I have been married for four years but we don’t have any children. He had two grown up children from his first marriage though. My husband is twice my age and his youngest son is only 3 years older than me.My husband and I knew each other through Penpal. After a few months of correspondence, he went to our place and we decided to get married. Few months after, I met his son and that ‘s when my problem started.Actually, I thought I just care about him because he’s my husband ‘s son but I have realized that there’s something more. I think I have fallen in love with him and I don’t know how and why.This feeling has been going on for more than two years hoping that it will go away. But it didn’t, it’s getting stronger instead; and I’m very afraid of my husband finding about this.Is it embassing and shameful feeling? If this is some kind of insanity, what can I do to stop this? PLEASE HELP!!!