Hi Dr Love,am a 19 yo female, and I was just dumped by my boyfriend.Although our relationship was off/on for three years, we love(d) each other tremendously.I caused him lots of pain and humiliation during our time together including cheating on him, lying, and just ignoring him sometimes. He retaliated often and that ‘s when I felt even more attracted to him and loved him more. No matter what the problem was, we were able to work through it.took me to our favorite place and broke up with me. It all seemed premeditated and it really hurt because I didn’t see it coming and definitely didn’t want it to end. He said that he didn’t want to talk to me ever again or even hear my name, but I asked him if we could be friends at least, and he didn’t answer me.I know we can’t get back together, (even though I really want to) but how do I go on just being his friend (if he’ll accept) after such a long relationship?