Hi Dr Love,I recently moved to Hawaii from Australia to be with the man that I fell in love with while on vacation here. He came to Australia to see me and for 6 months we were talking daily on the phone. I then took the plunge and moved here. Unfortunately, I found that prior to me coming here he was seeing quite a few women and I don’t know if this is continuing. I don’t think it is (there’s proof that it’s not) but I can’t stand to see letters and postcards sent to him by these girls. They obviously live on the mainland. He says they’re just friends but I find that very hard to believe.I have a nagging feeling that he’s obviously slept with these women or had some kind of affair with them. My problem is I’m madly in love with him still (idiot!) and don’t want to lose him. He talks about us getting married so I believe that we will get married but why can’t I get over all the women prior to me? This is causing so many arguments between us and he’s basically saying he’s had enough. I have to get over them. Why can’t I? Admittedly, I am the most insecure person I know. I want to trust him but I can’t and he’s given me no reason since I’ve been here not to trust him. Please help me!