Okay here goes nothing, me and my boyfriend found out i was pregnant in july and i had an abortion in sept. i really didnt want to but he did so i did it for him, id do anyting for him!After that i became really depressed and stayed in all the time didnt wanna go anywhere. . . so i stayed in all the time, my boyfriend really was never there i felt like i went through this alone. But as the months past i developed an anxiety disorder cause i developed panic attacks so i was scared to go places, my boyfriend didnt understand he thought i was ashamed of him, which was so not true.So he wanted me to go to some ball with him this past week or two but i just couldnt go so he took another girl, i flipped out and said I didnt wanna be with him anymore, but i didnt mean it, now we are argueing everyday he says he needs time alone he just wants to do whatever and not have anyone to answer too. he says he loves me but why is he hurting me so, he wont open up to me or nothing?I am afraid he wont come back to me or even be there for me, he was my world i was with him for 4 1/2 yrs now i feel like i have nothing. If he loves me why aint he there for me. I am just so confused i don’t know what to do i want to be with him but he isnt sure, it just hurts so bad!Please help what should i do?