I have a jealous insecurity over a certain ‘girl’ friend of my boyfriend. He is always calling and talking with her, not in my presence, but when he tells me that he called to ‘check’on her, it upsets me.We see each other day and night, as I stay with him quite often and she leaves messages on his answering machine at home. I don’t have a problem with him talking with her, but it is when he is secretive about it, which is all the time.I find it out when she calls him. This is not all the time and it has not happened in a while, but I feel that he leaves me out and that makes me insecure that he may want to leave me and be with her. She knows of me and she does or did have a boyfriend.I guess that I am insecure about their relationship because he cuts up with her and they have fun together, but with me he is not. I want to know how to control and get over this as it is a constant struggle for both of us because we get into an arguement over it.I’ve tried and tried to tell myself that it is me he wants and that if he didn’t he wouldn’t be with me. His friends tell me the same thing. His family and daughter love me and we all get a long well.My fear is that I’m going to keep this up and it will end our relationship as he tells me that he is tired of it, that we go through this over and over. He tells me that I read into things, but with the history of past relationships, well, I’ve been made a fool of.What can I do? I want to end this insecurity. Any advice?