I have not been able to find in any ‘self help’ books or even in any type of articles in magazines. My ‘problem’ started about 3 months ago when one of my friends, who I met through my best friend about a year ago, told me one night after a small tiff, that he likes me A LOT!That wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that he’s gay. He’s been gay for a long time and has lived with men. I was shocked, because I didn’t even think of him other than a friend, but now I do like him. He said his problem at the time was that he had just started going out with another guy that he liked.Well, last month they broke up and instead of talking to me, he immeaditly began seeing another guy. Our relationship has become odd in the past 3 months. He didn’t talk to me for about a week after he told me about his feelings, and we seem to be really close at times or we won’t talk for a while until I call him.For the past month he was doing things like calling me up every night at 1:30-3:00am or see me everyday. He would call me up every time he had a break from work and talk for 15 mins. and tell me he missed me. Everytime we talk on the phone, before he hangs up he tells me ‘I love you’.Sometimes he’ll touch my butt and he even took a picture of it! I try to be supportive of him, but he gets very defensive and takes things the wrong way. He thinks if I tell him something that I don’t like, such as his attitude he immeaditly takes it as me ‘bitching’.So we haven’t talked for the past week. And I refuse to be the one to call him this time. When ever I try to talk to him about ‘us’ he says he’s confused or ‘I don’t know’.I can’t keep subjecting myself to this emotional drain, but I do want to at least continue to be, as he’s been saying lately, ‘best’ friends. I really like him a lot, but I think he is to immature for me. He’s 19, I’m 21.Can you please help or at least tell me some ways in which I can handle this situation? thank you