dr lovei am 33 and have been living with a man for 5 years.at first life was great he made me feel like a queen, the love making was good and constant at least three times a week. but now he has pulled away from me and we only have sex maybe twice a month. he said it was because he is getting old but i do not buy into this.i am the type of person that loves to be held, kissed, hugged, i like to hold hands. but it seems that all the touching now is when i roll over in bed and mistakenly touch his leg or hand than i proceed to say i am sorry.this is literaly stressing me out. i have found myself doubting my needs, wants, my parenting skills and my job. my whole life is suffering just because i feel like that there is something(someone)lingering in the shadows the is fixing to change my (our) whole lives.AM I PUTTING TO MUCH IMPORTANCE ON THE PHYSICAL PART OF OUR LIVES? HE IS WILLING TO GET HELP BUT I DONT NOT KNOW WHERE TO START.I KNOW THAT DEEP DOWN I TRUELY LOVE HIM OR AT LEAST THE MAN HE WAS IN THE BEGINNING!PLEASE HELP I DONT NOT WANT TO MESS UP THIS RELATIONSHIP BUT IT GETTING VERY STRESSFUL!!!!!!!!