Dear Dr. Love, I’m a college sophomore, 19 years and have been with my current boyfriend for almost a year. Things have been fine up until about a month ago. Up until this point, I had never dated anyone, never kissed, never had strong feelings of affection or love for anyone.So ‘Tom’ is my first everything (including sex a couple months ago). Tom, however, had a 2-year romance (a sexual one as well) with a girl in high school. I cannot get over this. You’d think after a year, I would realize that this boy loves me so much. I know he does, and I know he cares nothing for his high school ex (who he broke up with as soon as he got to college) but somehow I just can’t stop thinking about her.I think of what they went through, where they went on their dates, what they said to each other, how they felt about each other, their first sexual talks/experiences. It doesn’t help that I don’t know what its like to have an ex.Also, I am very self-critical and hard on myself sometimes, and it has never been so much of a problem than when I started having a boyfriend. I can’t accept that I’m ‘pretty’ and ‘wonderful.’ Most of the time I do accept it, but sometimes it’s very hard for me, cause I see myself in totally different view.I do see a pyschologist every couple months when I need too, due to other stuff, but I can’t seem to shake these two conflicts! I have told him about this and he knows how I feel. . . He also hates his past, hates the fact that he wasted his life and virginity with the high school ex, but if you could tell me a way to deal with both these issues, i would appreciate so much. Thank you.