Dear Dr. Love,I am a 22 year old law student, and I’ve gotten myself into a terrible situation. I’ve been dating the same guy for seven years, but things have gotten worse between us in the last two. We quit sleeping together, and I found myself getting angry at him for many thingsIn an attempt to get his attention, I left for the summer to ‘find myself’. Initially, I wanted him to come chasing after me with a ring in his hand. But the more time went by, the more disheartened I became.While I was gone, I met another guy whom I fell in love with. The problem is that once I came back home to start my first year of law school, I didn’t have the courage to break up with my old boyfriend, and I kept the new one too. I don’t want the old one anymore, but every time I go to break up with him, I can’t seem to get the courage to do it.At my age 7 years seems like a lot of history to throw away. I know what’s going on isn’t fair to anybody involved and I want to resolve the situation.How can I do it without losing my nerve?