My current love was attentive, caring & acted like he wanted to spend time with me for the first six weeks. Lately, he doesnt ask me out in advance, or when he does ask me out, he cancels, but doesnt even bother to call and let me know he cancels.He still calls me all the time and emails me several times a day. He says he cares about me and respects me, but doesnt show it. He says I need to be more understanding & flexible because he is a single father with responsibilities. He says he shouldnt have to let me know when he is not going to show up, because I should just ‘understand’.He says I am high maintenance and demanding. Am I? He says he needs to distance himself because I am a threat to his control. Or is he just really commitment shy? Is he a keeper??? I really love him, have for years, and I don’t want to give up on him this early in the relationship, but I am tired of crying and being hurt. How should I handle this?Please help.I told him we should just go back to being friends, and at first he didnt want to, but now he has agreed. He used to call me everyday. SInce I broke it off, nothing for 5 days. I still want to keep him as a friend. Again, how do I handle this?