Dear Dr. Love:I have been with my boyfriend for over two years and we have a one year old daughter. He had promised we would get married if I gave her his last name. He pouted and did’nt come to the hospital for two days until I signed the paperwork with his last name. I know your going to say get out of the relationship, like everyone else does! I do love him and I of course love my daughter very much but I don’t think he feels the same.He says’if I did’nt love you I would’nt be here’ which is true to an extent, how can you love someone and not sleep in the same bed, not hug them for months? He is an affectionate person, well at least with his ex he was. So I know he is capable of it, maybe just not with me? I am very miserable because I am alone all the time, he comes home for dinner and then to the couch and right to sleep! I don’t know if it is me doing something wrong, he always says’who wants to hug and cuddle a b****’. I don’t consider myself that but yes I can be, I feel it is a reaction to being treated like one!!!!! I really want things to change for the sake of my daughter and our family in general.