Dear Dr. Love,When I was seven, a boy in my class began calling me ten times a day. This continued until I was about thirteen or fourteen years old. I didn’t see him for a few years until, unfortunately, I ran into him in a bar last summer. He hasn’t changed a bit. Upon noticing my friends and me, he sat in a dark corner and stared all night while we were dancing. He asked my best friend and me to go home with him in a very threatening way. Of course we told him to get lost.This brings us to the present. He has resumed his phone calls, though this is not what worries me most. He has begun following me. My friends and I see him everywhere we go. We cannot get rid of him. He stalks us and he’s always staring. Yesterday, he followed me home from the pool, where he’d been staring all day. As I was getting ready to take a shower, I noticed him outside my window.What should I do Dr. Love? This is not funny anymore. Having the same boy stalk me from the time I was seven until now, when I’m twenty one is ill. What would you reccomend? How do I handle this on a personal level?