My number one goal in my relationships with men is to not end up like my mother. After divorcing my father, who cheated on her constantly (and in front of me), had kids from 4 different marriages, spent all of the money and was physically, verbally and emotionally abusive, she then chose to have weak, spineless types around for the rest of my childhood and early adulthood. She had this one alcoholic/pothead boyfriend who was almost 20 years younger than her, and despite my pleas that she dump him (I was 7 when he showed up) because he was an embarrassment and a nuisance, she kept letting him come around because’he was like a helpless puppy.’As an adult, I am a real hardass (a trait which society does not condone in a woman) because I am so scared that I’m going to end up just like her. I have been alone for most of my 20’s except for the occasional fling to relieve my sexual tensions.I just ended a three week relationship with a guy because (1) he was weak; (2) he smoked pot all of the time and (3) although unmarried, he had 2 children by two different women – at the age of 29. It scared me to death. Did I do the right thing? If so, why do I feel so rotten?