I’m a 30 year old european girl and just got married to the most wonderful person in the universe – the man of my dreams.For 30 years I have looked for ‘true love’- the just one person, who could be everything to me, and I found him miles away, but still so close – on a chatprogram on the internet. We are so in love and it shows. We are having the best time in our lives. We can talk about our deepest feelings, fears, visions, dreams – we talk about everything. Truly soulmates, best friends and the greatest lovers! He treats me like a queen. . .BUT I have a problem. I keep hurting him, even though I don’t mean to. Its really the last thing I ever want, and it hurts me even more, to see him hurting. I keep reacting, making comments and trying to defend myself when we have a talk or discussion about almost everything lately.This is a very difficult communication problem between us, that is taring me apart. We talk about this a lot, but we don’t seem to get anywhere. I love him so much – he knows that, but I don’t know where this is comming from. I always had bad relationships and never trusted anybody, but back then I really had no reason for trusting my partners.Now I have EVERY reason to trust my wonderful husband, but I still keep hurting him with reactions instead of stop and think one more time before talking. . . It almost seems like Im trying to dig after something bad inside him, because sometimes its ‘too good to be true’.Gosh, I hope you can help me, because I start to feel so bad about myself and I cry most of the time, because I love him incredibly much, but Im afraid to hurt him when I talk.Please help me, Dr. Love. .WOMAN IN ‘TRUE’ LOVE