I’m a 32 year old divorced mother of 3 …about a year ago I met this wonderful man who happends to be 7 years younger then me..He’s 24.. age has never been an issue with me and he has no problems with it either. We have been liveing together for about 8 mths now.. We are in love and i can see a future with this man… my children adore him and we do work very well together… I have 2 concerns tho..# 1 Everytime we talk about the future he always replys with’ I’m happy with the way things are now’ and if i want a more commited answer he will say’ the future is not set.. I can’t tell you what you want to here’ he will say he wants to be with me… he will say he won’t go looking for it… and he can say he will do everything to not have that happen… and that it would take an act of God for him to leave me.. Am I not reading between the lines? Is this a warning sign that he has problems with commitment? and should I break it off now Knowing that he feels the future is not set and anything can happen? Or am i just insucure and paranoid?# 2 Every time we start intercourse.. he ejaculates rather quickly.. within 1 to 3 minutes and we have talked about this and ways to prolong intercourse.. is this normal? he has even tried to ejaculate himself in the shower before we start in hopes that the 2nd attempt will last longer… this however doesn’t work either.. I was wondering if this in common in some men I mean haveing no stamina.. and is there anything we can do to increase endurence?Thank you in advanceIn Love and commited.. is he?