I am a 23yr old female with serious committment issues. . . is that a contradiction or what?Anyway, I have never had a serious relationship (2mths max) I know I have pretty high standards for the kind of guy I’m looking for and now I’m wondering if I’m overlooking the obvious Mr. Right.I recently met a very nice guy (30yrs old) we have a lot of similar interests, he is very giving, but in the 3wks that I’ve known him, he’s mentioned marriage (I’m sure jokingly) 7 times. I told him point blank that I had a fear of commitment. He is also very smothering, always wanting to hold or touch me (continuosly) when we are together.I think he’s insecure a bit, I think he was used in some of his previous relationships. My delimma is I told him I needed some space right now, I’ve already kind of ruled him out but am wondering if I really should?I should mention that I have fended for myself since I was 14 and am very independent and rely souly on myself. He wants to be so involved in my personal issues. . even though we’ve only known each other for a brief time.I just don’t want to overlook someone just b/c he doesn’t match every thing on my ‘list’. I’m confused, and unsure. . but know that I can’t help my feelings. I can say that there are some things annoying about him, but am I being to hard? I also am fearfull of being with someone who will hold me back in life, and just want to have kids and call it good, but I don’t want to be a hermit for the rest of my life either.thanks for any help. . . . if there is help possible for me! :o)