My problem is as follows:I am in a wonderful relationship and he is everything I ever dreamed of, but the relationship never started on the basis of attraction. He is attracted to women with physical attributes which I will never have and although he tries not to let it show he often masturbates to pictures of such women on the net. Each time we see a tall brunette in the street or else where I get really jealous of how he looks at them. The worst of it is if I ask him whether he thinks they are prettier than me he says ‘yes’ because he can’t lie. I feel like I would have felt less insecure about all this if he was really attracted to me to begin with, but as it is I am miserable.Every other aspect of our relationship is unbelievably perfect. What can I do to get rid of this problem? I know I am attractive to other men – I’m just not his type – but the relationship is too good for me to trade it for something else because of this. Do men ever change their mind about what attracts them? Is there anything I can do to stop being jealous? Please help.