I need help! My husband walked out after 15 years of marriage. He does not want a divorce, He says he just needs some time to find out what he wants. He says he is confused.His father passed two years ago. We gave up our life in CA to move home to take care of mom.In these two years I have found out he has been talking to other women, 7 to be exact. Some are exotic dancers, that invited him to see them preform and he went. Some are pure trouble makers, who have called me at my home and my job.He said that we used to be one and now he doesn’t feel that we are anymore. My question is I want this to work. He says he does not want a divorce, so do I stay and hope this is a thing he needs to work out or should I leave?I hurt really bad.Some facts to help you. we are both 33 years old. We have one child who is 13. even though we are seperated we still speak as best friends. We were both virgins. We are in a interracial relationship he being black and me white. The 7 women he has seen are all black. We both agree that we have a special place for each other, a bond.I strongly believe in my marriage vows and will not be unfaithful or dishonor him in any way until he makes a discision. He over the last two years seems to have lost the faith in his vows. He has met new friends and stays gone most of the time.He has became real secretive. Hiding porno videos of all black women that are home made at bachalor parties (XXX) and he now have voice mail on his pager and cell phone.He moved out and will not give me his new address, Although I found out just like I found out about everything else. I do know that he has not had sex with any of them, because of a sexual problem that he feels is extremly embarresed about.I AM LOST. I am confused. What can I do to get the communication that we had. Does him saying that he does not want a divorce mean he may come back if I give him the time and space he needs to find himself. I really love him. HELP!!!!!!