I am really in a bind… I have been in a relationship for over a year now with who I feel is a wonderful man. Well on our 1st year together aniversary, he tells me that he would like to have a 4some.Well, right when we are having sex… then he tells me later, that he did not mean it, that he could not tolerate any man touching me… Then he confessed that he had a one night stand with a woman, who he does not know and was drunk doing it. he did not use drinking as an excuse however, I feel very betrayed and hurt over this…. I have found it in me to forgive him, but I wonder what this is all about… I know deep in my heart that he loves me, but whats going on…I have to say that he was abused sexually as a child till he was 11 by his aunt, and was emotionally abused even to this day by his family whom he worships…. I am always 2nd to everyone in his family and it is always for them. Lately he has tried hard to change things, but there is a deep fear that he will do this again… I mean the screwing around…I am in therapy, and he was too until a fight where he said he did not want to go any longer.. I figured it was helping him… How can I left him see he needs to address things instead of suppressing them which he is sooo good at? Please help me… I am at my wits end with all of this…. I beg for an answer and your opinion matters to me.